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Óxido + Nostalgia

José Hernández Luna


I use obsolete objects because I believe ephemerality is a plastic quality of things. Through my work I seek to change the nature objects, granting them new symbolic values. Since I can remember, I have maintained a relationship with engines. My father is a mechanic. along with my mother they have a mechanic workshop at home, where cars, transmission boxes, engines, monoblocks or other elements can end up abandoned by clients. There, they become entities that do not remain immobile, but instead have a chaotic role in the lives of people. Real triggers of uncontrollable situations, acting above the dynamic of the home-workshop with third parties. Unique phenomenon that does not happen with junk cars in streets or impound police lots. This production represent parts of the automotive mechanics. A series made from the experience extracted from the machine and its environment, registered with drawings, photographs and frotagge. I worked with different clay layers to represent the body of each machine. I thought of this method as a link between architecture and prehispanic lithosculpture.