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A Ship´s Log

David Serrano


Mesmerized by the intense heat and dust of the desert, his imagination took David Serrano on travels far beyond the border wall two blocks from his bedroom window. Serrano worked in Los Angeles prior to his journey to his new home in Merida in 2014. His work has been exhibited throughout the United States and Internationally. Mexican Artist David Serrano was born in Mexicalli, the capital of Baja California Norte. This is the first solo show in Mexico.

About A Ship’s Log

A Ship’s Log talks about journeys, symbolic and real, painted in 27 large size canvases.

Artist quotes about “A Ship’s Log”:

My first imaginary trip was on board a blanket at my grandmother’s house where my sister and I pretended to fly on a magic carpet. Mexicali at that time was very much like Bagdad.

We are always fighting for our causes and those of others that we believe in. Sometimes wearing a mask becomes a necessity.

When I meet somebody with power I must remind myself that he envies me as much as I do him or her because I can walk while they have to crawl with the heavy load of a crown.

Loneliness turned him mad. He sailed  in a boat made of unsent letters that read the word vida over and over again: vidavidavida davidavidavid.

The mirror tells me that I am getting old, my body tells me the same. But my brain and the colors around me tell me I am a tree that still has much to grow.”

I know I am surrounded by posibilites if only I have the wisdom of finding the right key.

This is my play and in it I see myself free of cages and giving myself a standing ovation.

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