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Abstracción del límite

Sofia Kalife

Curaduría Guillermo Olguín


Painting beyond the sensation of color 

Limit abstraction is born from the practice of accumulating materials in terms of cyclical periods, with the contribution of remains of artists’ paintings that contribute to a kind of pictorial recycling. This project seeks to shape the bodily experience of matter in real or imagined space, the metonymic body, as a material support and as creative energy, as a phenomenon, social space and place of violence. Within my concerns creative I explore the notions of inhabiting the body as a material origin and basis of identity in the visible spectrum. How from the link with him our own body establishes the way we relate to all the other matter around us.

The body is a territory of borders, it is bi-directionally related to the sociocultural context; it constitutes it but at the same time it is constituted by it. It body defined from the spatial and relational sense is taking shape in conjunction with existential topographies and geometries, in a way rhizomatic produces links and is determined by them. From another perspective, the idea of ​​color as memory is observed, a notion that is elaborated in an accumulation of sensations, movements, gradations and material superpositions. This imagined territory body that is an effective part of our self-representation, sometimes results in an accumulation of senses, which loom over the figuration of “normal”, such as scars or malformations. From different approaches, the complexities that this perception of materiality goes through are shown. A metonymic relationship is established between nature and body, linked in the idea of ​​the wound caused by abuse, is a personal reading about latent and naturalized violence in everything material space with exploitable capacity.

From this perspective, my production is presented as a limit between opposites. The border where matter and spirit meet. Space of resistance and autonomy to be able to direct the creative energy of the female body to new dimensions. It is about claiming, through the work artistic, the autonomous management of the productive capacities of the corporal energy, adapted to the current production conditions that is maintained through the abuse and exploitation of the earth’s raw material.

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