+52 (999) 688 94 79 Calle 54 407B x 41 y 43 Centro Mérida, Yucatán

Angela Damman

American-born designer Angela Damman works exclusively with Yucatan artisans to create unique and beautiful textiles and handbags from henequen and sansevieria fibers. Native to Yucatan, the plants have been used for centuries by the Mayan people for rope, hammocks and bags.

Inspired by ancient Mayan weaving techniques and use of plant fibers for textiles, Angela now collaborates with hand harvesting the plant, extracting the fibers, and weaving or hand-spinning fibers for use into their final design, all within a proximity of the plants origin.

Angela has been living in Mexico since 2011. Angela, her husband, and their two children live in an old hacienda, which they have brought back to life as their residence, for fiber productions as it once was, and place to foster ideas. She is a partner in TAKTO Design Group.