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FILUX Mérida

Orfeo Quagliata



Irresistible crystals lightened from the inside faceted in silver surfaces that subtly project and reflect lights in space and time. The planes reflected in these polygons are hand cut and beveled. With the meticulous care of a jeweler, Quagliata adjusts individual facets to join them together, leaving occasional gaps on the surface, so as to create objects that use gems to reflect the light and color of the surrounding setting. The light within every object produces an impressive kaleidoscopic effect, while illuminating the exterior architecture.


Under the study of an eye made by Orfeo, the possibility of creating a retina of light and matter was explored. A piece that projects by means of a lens and the light, an eye filled with colors like the universe through the crystal. A galaxy that is inside eyes that see it all. Created by means of different colors, this glass piece baked and carefully hand lowered, reveals its grandeur when aimed at with a ray of light. This work reaches further by showing us endless shapes depending on where the light is placed in front of it thus hypnotizing its viewers.

Glass sculptures such as “Magikarpet”, “Spheres”, “Sporez”, “Golden Table” and Ceramics were also presented.