+52 (999) 688 94 79 Calle 54 407B x 41 y 43 Centro Mérida, Yucatán


Gutural Inmediata

Pablo Tut


This exhibition is made up of caricatures, fragmented and crooked images that are coupled at voracious speeds. Non-identity or Western hegemony as a universal identity are represented with subjects falling into the void, without frames of reference from above and below, from the past and the present, people reduced to caricatures. These mental images are attempts to describe the changing and contradictory landscape.

The title of the exhibition is a play on words with the word culture / gutural, describing the culture of consumption as a culture of the immediate. The guttural sound is a noise that does not say anything specifically, it is the vibrations of the vocal cords and the folds of the flesh. The guttural in this exhibition is something that is being forced to be said but that does not have a concise form. An ambiguity that represents the real character of the caricature as equal to any construction of identity.

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