+52 (999) 688 94 79 Calle 54 407B x 41 y 43 Centro Mérida, Yucatán

Katherine de Barrueta

Ohio-born artist Katherine de Barrueta is deeply inspired by the diverse, tropical ecology of the Yucatan Peninsula where she has lived for 27 years. In her most recent work, Katherine uses pollinating insects to explore the beauty, fragility and omnipresnce of nature. “It is shocking to me that more than a few of our pollinators are actually on the endangered species list. Either we take care of these beautiful insects or we stand to lose not only our primary food source but most of the natural beauty that surrounds us” the artist says.

In addition to her main body of work and in collaboration with Designer Angela Damman, Katherine presents an exclusive and limited edition line handbags and jewelry, both inspired by pollinating insects.