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José Luis Díaz


Lontananza could be described as the subtle coherence manifested in intersections of ideas that at first glance are perceived dissonant. In these
intersections José Luis Díaz takes creative licenses that bring together memories of childhood and the state of the universe. The conversations that
initiate these ideas extend freely and turn into landscapes, unreachable paradises that suggest mental maps that tell secret languages, imagined words
that can only be observed in intricate technical operations, telescopic incisions in everyday elements and feelings that make up the author’s body
sensitive, a polyphony of understandings.

On this occasion the cicada becomes the vehicle that transports us throughout the exhibition, its song frames the memory of a hot night and allows us
to look at the moon for an instant. The sound of the invisible cicada complements the image of the silent moon, this translates into a moment of affective
contemplation that moves into space.

Lontananza is a discreet celebration, a measured gesture of victory and a specific state of mind. Ideas concatenate and expand in avalanches of intimate
senses, a constant search to articulate what is consumed in our sensibilities; In the face of this creative force, the most advanced observation devices,
oil, gold, eye and hand coordination are in tune, are in spite of their supposed differences and are intertwined with curiosity. Life and the universe are
found in intimate symbols that become these manifestations of mind maps.

Alberto Mendoza