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Ric Kokotovich

He has been an artist and filmaker for over 30 years. Since his solo show in 1984 at the Folio Gallery, his work has been shown internationally at venues such as the Glenblow Museum, The Galerii Pallas in Prague, The exposé Gallery in San Francisco and the Festival a-part in Provence, France. He also co-corurated an acclaimed exhibition of Canadian artists, which raised money for the Olga Havel Foundation in Prague. In 1990 he started immersing himself in the world of film. As a film producer, he has garnered attention with such pieces as Claire: nominated for a Genie Award, and Beauty Crowds Me: screened at the MOMA in New York. His dramatic directional debut, Bitter My Tongue, was given the Audience Choice Award at the New York Independent Film And Video Festival.