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Pepe Molina


In the era of real-time communication and global hypermobility, processes are not as important as results. Used to the celebration of immediacy, the creative processes that require the use of intuition are limited. By incorporating intuition into these, one works beyond the rules and laws of a world that runs too fast, deprived of subtle messages, given opportunities to transform the error and incorporate it. In the unbridled search for fast, programmed and productive results, disturbing the necessary introspection for production that seeks new paths to materialize.

Experimenting with the order and repetition of the elements that make up each piece generates an energy that provides an oscillation between knowing and ignoring, between what is made conscious and what remains hidden. This energy translates into both aesthetic pleasure and symbolic charge goes beyond rational knowledge.

The techniques selected for this exhibition show a return to the experimentation of old photographic procedures that were fundamental for the advancement of photography also used in fields of knowledge such as botany and medicine. Requiring procedures long periods of time, those have been replaced by modern photographic methods privileging automatism and favor the economy. The use of textile materials and inks requiring a resting time, testify to the importance of the meticulous development of those artworks.

The pieces presented in this exhibition are the result of processes that qualify and examine their own methodology, that captures the essence of what is used, of the invisible residue that has its own narrative. Using the contemplation and experimentation necessary to find the exact way in which the fragments that generate the result concur, Pepe Molina invites us to reflect on the path, the error and the new searches that emerged from this exercise.

Monica Costa Coldwell

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