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De Mares, Y Sueños

Amanda Arrou-tea


From a very young age, Amanda Arrou-tea (aka Mandi Oh), born North of Spain in San Sebastián, capital of the Basque Country, felt a connection with the mermaids. Using oil paint, she started portraying her vision when she was only 9. Feeling in her whole being that mermaids were real, she started looking for her female clan in every pool, river, and sea.

As she studied Fine Arts, Amanda pursued all opportunities to move on, including using scholarships between Spain and France, which made her develop a wider sight for paint, but also photography and video.

Still hungry for knowledge, she moved to Mexico to continue her personal research, strategically going back to some Cenotes where she had previously found her first mermaid.

After years of mystical energies, paint, sea salt, more paint, more studies, curatorships, hot weather, in 2016, she moved to Germany, in Berlin, to focus on her artistic career.

Nowadays, Amanda is happy to be back to Merida as she travels for developing more projects.

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