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Sortie de Résidence

Samuel D’Ippolito


In Yucatan, Samuel D’Ippolito confronted nature and the strong elements of the jungle. So much, that he merged with the raw material like the Mayan stone, the trunks of the sacred trees, and the warmth of our land. He decided to integrate this matter into his artwork, including working with plaster, clay and steel, to carry out his project for a social sculpture/structure in which everyone should enter.

In French, his native language, the literal translation of the Mayan words “Wi’Te’Na'” is not “Origin Home”, but “The Root-Tree House”. Therefore, the Belgian artist invites us to enter his artwork and enjoy the experience as if his sculpture was our ancestral home. For that motive the physical representation – or rather external one – of this work is the X, used as an architectural element by the ancient Mayan.

The artist also wanted to reveal the bark of the sacred tree, using it as if it were the molted skin of a snake. A serpent that, in his vision, is rather the representation of a flower, a gigantic liana. With this goal, during his residency, Samuel D’Ippolito used a latex molding technique, embracing tree trunks to obtain what he names the “tree skin”.

During his five-week residency, Samuel left the comfort of La Cúpula’s workshop for  the Yucatan Villages of Ticul, where he worked with local artisans to learn about Mayan clay fire technique, and Mulchechén to weld his sculptures.

Leïla G. Voight